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History of Casugria Boutique Residence

It is believed that Casugria was built in 1810 by a very influential Dutchman, which is most probable given that Malacca between 1641 to 1824 came under Dutch rule.

The proximity of Casugria to The A Famosa Fortress of course also points in this same direction. Of course Heeren & Jonker Streets were nearer to the Dutch Stadhuys, however Casugria lay just outside the fortress walls for another reason, it was a manor house which served the landlord with a commanding presence of his coconut plantation which was located at the back of his manor and stretched all the way back to what is today The Malacca High School.

In 1824 Dutch rule came to an end in Malacca as Malacca was swapped with Bencoolen belonging to the British in the Dutch East Indies. Hence demarcating and carving out Colonial territories between the British and the Dutch.

In keeping with the changing fortunes of Malacca, over the years, Casugria has also changed ownership but has always remained in the hands of influential Malacca families.

Today it has been restored and refurbished sensitively to take into account its proper intended form and function bearing in mind the Dutch were Europeans ensconced in tropical Malacca.

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